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Popular Billiard University Summer Boot Camps Concluded for 2018~ Dr Dave Alciatore

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The Popular Billiard University Summer Boot Camps Concluded for 2018

July 17, 2018 (Fort Collins, CO): The sixth annual Billiard University (BU) Summer Boot Camps wrapped up the weekends of July 6-8 (Overview Course) and July 13-15 (Advanced Course). This year’s camps returned to the original home of Match Up’s Bar & Grill in Fort Collins, Colorado. The 2014-2017 camps were all held at Denver’s premier room, Felt Billiards. By popular demand, the Advanced Course was created last year as a supplement to the original Overview Course.

These one-of-a-kind camps draw players from all over the country, and the world. The past two years saw players traveling from Tokyo and Dubai. This year’s attendees represented Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Tennessee and Texas.

“I learned many more things than I thought possible in 3 days. Best instructors ever. I appreciate the attention to detail and the enthusiasm!” TJ Brown, Arkansas

“I am amazed how awesome this course is. It has opened a new world for me to improve and enjoy my game.” M. Deshpande, California

The 2019 camp dates are tentatively scheduled for mid-July, once again at Match Up’s. Confirmed dates will be announced soon at These boot camps are limited to only 12 students and have filled up as early as the spring so if you’re considering signing up, don’t wait!

About Billiard University ( & its Summer Boot Camps “Dr. Dave” Alciatore created the original boot camp in 2013 as a way to complement his unique BU curriculum which features a series of compressive shots that are each tailored to measure and help improve fundamentals, aiming, stroke, stop/follow/draw control, and cue ball position control. The camps are instructed by Dr. Dave, Samm Diep-Vidal and Randy Russell.

All the materials for the exams are available to download for free at and based on the score, students can earn the title of Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate of Billiards.

Author: Dr. Dave Alciatore –

Editor:  Chris Freeman


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