Practice and Preparation. ~ Darren Appleton [Part 1 of 2]

My first article covered mainly fundamentals and basics, which are key. We will now cover how to practice and prepare for competition.

First off all, once you have your fundamentals down and are shooting balls into the pockets, the rest should be pretty basic. Cue ball control is key.

So. Practice and preparation for tournaments.

Always try to have a plan for your practice routine and fulfill those goals, otherwise you will get bored, lazy, careless, and pick up bad habits very quickly — which basically wasting your own time.

When I was younger (between eighteen and thirty) I used to practice a lot and play for hours on end, mainly with other players… basically you want competition and cheap action, which is good. When you’re young you’re hungry for action and play for hours, but half the of the time I found myself burning out.

And the opposition wasn’t strong enough, unless I played cheap sets and gave big handicaps. I used to like giving more weight than I should have, because that really pushed me to my Limits. When I didn’t give enough weight I didn’t play well, because it was too easy and I got lazy — again, picking up bad habits.

So, if playing an opponent, play someone better to push yourself. Or, if you are the better player, give weight and play cheap sets; it will push you, and if lose it’s no problem. You lose few dollars but at least you gave that session 100%, and rewards will come your way.

If practicing alone, give yourself a schedule. Mix it up each session. Again, keep it interesting. give yourself routines drills to complete.