Preaching One Pocket: How to become a better pool player and wiser human being at the same time ~ Pe


After I wrote about what one pocket means to me, I started arguing what one pocket can mean to you as a pool player and as a human being at the same time.

Preaching One Pocket: How to become a better pool player and wiser human being at the same time By Pepijn de Wit

One Pocket is a game with the ability to transform every pool player into a more complete one. However, not everyone shares that opinion. Many players think One Pocket is just a boring game. I’ll preach One Pocket with utter conviction and tell you why I think differently.

I can imagine that not everybody finds his or her remedy and peace in playing a game of One Pocket, like I do. I therefore don’t want to argue one has to be the over-thinking type of mind to appoint One Pocket as the favorite game within the repertoire. I do want to argue that One Pocket can be meaningful to every pool player. It’s not just the game of games because it’s the only game capable of putting my mind at ease, but also because all elements of pool come together in a unique way.

The dominant line of reasoning

Playing One Pocket requires specific tactical, strategical, technical, and mental skills. I’ll explain them to you from my own perspective. Acquiring and internalizing the skills required for One Pocket benefits a pool player in all other pool games. I’ll use that argument as an entry point to this article about why you, future enthusiasts, should play One Pocket.

This line of reasoning dominates the minds of most professionals who play the game of One Pocket, although there are not many who do. It’s not surprising they dedicate more time to other pool games, because there’s more to gain in terms of money.

On the other hand, this dominating approach is inconceivable to me. Someone who calls himself a professional should go all out to get better at what he does for a living, including practicing the game of One Pocket. Many players don’t, because they think the game is too slow, too boring, or doesn’t get them in stroke. I feel it’s my responsibility to tell you that’s not true! It’s like Steve Booth said:

“Of course if you don’t understand the game,