Predator S-Tuned Z3 Shaft. ~ Jaared Arosemena {Review}

I’ve been using Predator S-Tuned Z2s exclusively for years as, in my opinion, they were the best LD shafts produced… until now!

I just received my Predator S-Tuned Z3 today to use with my Predator Throne 4 and 20th LE-2 Cues, and all I can say is, WOW! This shaft is slightly thicker at 11.85mm (vs 11.75mm for the older S-Tuned Z2s,) but it is actually lower in deflection than the Z2.

It has a stiffer, stronger, more solid feel to it. No more “hollow” sound.

Their V-Tek front end technology has allowed for a great sound and feel to the hit, all the while allowing lower deflection.

The “pro taper” to this shaft is between 14 and 16 inches and is perfect! No more “taper roll,” (or at least mine doesn’t have it).

This, without a doubt, is the best LD shaft made on the market today, and I’ve tried many.

The price is pretty hefty, coming in at $310.00 with a standard (Predator Victory Medium) tip — mine was more as I use a Kamui Black Super Soft — and there will be many who feel that that price is too much to pay.

But if you want the best shaft made today, then look no further than the Seybert’s Predator “S-Tuned” Z3. If you want to improve your game, give this shaft a try. As soon as I save up the money, I’m getting another one as a backup!

As always, hit’em straight and great!