Public Apology from SPM ~ by Garret Troop

This letter is a public apology.

When I started Sneaky Pete Mafia I had a vision and dream to bring pool and billiards together. Social media has made that easy as the Groups were somewhat of a new thing. I started a community and I pushed it to grow as fast and as large as Possible.

As time went on I Made connections and wanted to do more and came up with the idea of doing a magazine. So it was born the Sneaky Pete Mafia Magazine! We had a lot of articles and a lot of reviews about products. This was a great thing and I took on too much at one time.

This is where things get a little grey in my past. In the beginning there was only a Magazine and no blog. I personally took in some products and wrote reviews on them. I then tried to sell them as this is one of the ways that we make money. The owners of the products found out and were very upset with me that I was taking their products and doing nothing in return. This was not the case” The magazine was simply running a little late and off schedule. It was hard for me to prove that what I was saying was fact.

Over time we developed an active blog and have had great success with it. The blog allows us to do reviews and actively publish our opinions in real time. As our journey continues it has had a bad reputation, that being said I know I am the route of this. I took things without doing “My Part”.  In part this is true and I’m deeply sorry for these actions. It is my direct intent to really make good by all those that I have wronged in the past. This is imperative to our growth as a company but also me as a businessman and self profound leader.

Say from there, your efforts to correct any wrongdoings will show in time and hard work. I do not expect support, but I hope to earn it from those whose trust was broken by misunderstanding the course of my history.  Moving forward I will do what I start and out say I will do. Products come and go and I also have a staff that helps do these reviews. That’s where I am at. This apology is intended to explain why it is that there is a negative air about me that you may have heard. I simply want to do the best in the industry and try and become a more down to earth company and not only to promote myself but those I work with.<