Ralf “The Kaiser” Souquet -- The Interview Erased By Patrick Sampey

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Saturday, Oct 9, 2021-- I began an exchange with Souquet years ago -- sometime around 2004 I think -- long before Facebook took off like it is today, contacted him through his email, which I found online at his website I believe. He responded to me, and I wish I had the exchange, as it was cool to me that he took time out to respond personally to me; that’s how Souquet is, a gentleman and straight-shooter of the highest order.

I forgot what I had asked him...Oh yes! That’s what it was! I had heard that Souquet had a winning record on Efren Reyes, and he had said that he did. He had said that apparently he was Efren’s “boogyman,” that was the term I believe he used. Think about that, Souquet has a winning record against arguably the best to ever wield a cue, namely Efren Reyes! That speaks for itself about not only of Souquet’s pool game, but also his mental tenacity to win against the best of the best like that, and be up on them.

Years later, sometime shortly after 2014 I believe it was, I actually interviewed Souquet, and unfortunately the interview got erased from my phone before I could listen, get quotes and write the article -- Souquet being one of my favorite players of all times, I was flabbergasted. I had to contact Souquet and let him know what had happened. So I did, and it went fairly well. He was very understanding.