Review On the Jacoby Black Out break cue

The Break Cue!

The break cue has redefined what we do as pool players. The history was simply grabbing a cue off the wall and smashing balls. Things have changed and now people practice the break shot over and over. It’s not just power and force. It’s a complete technique execution just like any other shot. For a great break you need power, Precession and follow through.

The new movement of the carbon shafts has been amazing and produced a lot of new shafts and cues as a whole. The energy transfer and power you're able to achieve is phenomenal and worth your time to look and change if needed. The advantages to the carbon fiber movement have helped advance the game into another level. But that is also on you.

Jacoby has been a leader in the sport with their innovation and undying force to improve the overall game and those in it. They make and cover the entire industry and love the sport as a whole.