Richard Kranicki Interview ~ “Mighty” Joe Young

I first met Rich Kranicki a little over 5 years ago when my business partner, Al Tonelli, introduced me to him in our new pool room. “He’s a person of great interest with great ideas; gives lessons to a few guys too,” he said. Over the years, I discovered that Al was right – Rich did have ideas brewing with a couple coming to fruition.

As a student of the game myself, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of discussing, dissecting and learning about the mechanics and physics of pool with him that I would never have achieved alone. Rich is an accomplished author, once a contributing columnist for InsidePOOL Magazine, screen play writer, inventor and product developer and the only author to receive Willie Mosconi’s endorsement.

I am proud to know Rich and look forward to years of “picking his brain” about the sport. I hope my interview introduces Richard to the masses and wish him continued success in all his endeavors.

Hi Rich, tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? Where do you live? Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of pool? I was born and currently reside in South Philadelphia. I like motorcycling because of the freedom that comes with the therapeutic feeling of almost flying while exploring the highways and byways.  I also enjoy watching a good movie and listening to good music. Aside from pool, do you or did you have another occupation? I worked as a City Recreation Leader, a drummer and electronic technician for several years.  I did some modeling which led into TV Commercial and Drama study. When were you first exposed to pool?  We’ve all had that moment or something that made us “catch the bug”, what was yours? At 14 years old, I began frequenting Longo’s Pool Room with my buddies in the summer.  We used to save a dollar every day to bang balls around on the 5’x10’ tables.  I loved the hardwood floors and the loud humming of the two big fans that ventilated the second floor. I just loved the ambiance. Tell me about the history of your pool-playing, or in this case, your pool-teaching career. Sometime in the early 80’s, after a brief and frustrating stint with a world class pool player, I [decided and] drove 17 hours, non-stop from Philadelphia to Madison, Wisconsin, to study with the grand master BCA Instructor – Mr. Jerry Briesath.  Jerry’s organized method put me on the right track. Shortly afterwards, I studied with Don “The Preacher” Feeney.  Don taught me the importance of proper alignment.  Don