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Round Two With Mr. One-Handed. ~ Greg Hogue

Round two of my one-handed  $2000 challenge match with Oklahoma super star Chip Compton didn’t go according to plan.

After winning our first battle a couple of weeks ago, with me giving the young phenom 10-8 and him playing one-handed, I thought making the adjustment to 10-7 with Chip the super stud wouldn’t be that bad. I was dead wrong.

Right from the beginning he started firing balls in. One rails, two rails, kisses, bump-bumps, caroms, combos.

You name it, this kid hit me with everything he had in his brutally powerful one-handed arsenal. Before I knew it I was stuck two games in our five ahead session.

I fought to get the coin back to even. We battled back and forth for quite some time, then I finally got two games up. Just when I thought we had a handle on the one-handed wonder, here come the fireworks again.

Bam, boom, bang!

It was like a full assault team just unloaded on me, and before we knew it the coin was four games the wrong direction and Chip was on the hill.

To be totally honest, I was frustrated and flustered but my heart was big and I had brought the coin to even one more time, but it just wasn’t enough. I’m guessing combined with the big adjustment and I’m sure some practice on the super stud’s behalf he was just too strong, and he won the next five in a row to take the $2000 in challenge match cash. I didn’t think there was anyone walking that could get there like this and play as well one-handed as Chip the super stud did on that tight diamond at Chester’s.

Great shooting, Chip. They should start calling you Mr. One-Handed.

‘Til next time… Stay silky smooth and get out and play some pool.

Greg Hogue is upside down!

Editors: Marcee Murray King and Hannah Blue Photo: Conan/Flickr

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