Setting Goals ~ by The Monk “Tim Miller”

When you are to arrive at your goals in pocket billiards you need to know exactly what your goals are. You don’t walk up to the ticket counter and ask for a ticket to California. You must specify which city and airport you intend to land in.

Many players start out in this game with no real goal. They play, pound balls and learn from other amatuers as they go along. If they do have a goal it is vague with no real way to measure it. “I want to see how good I can get” is not measurable or specific.

They develop their skills from amatuers who don’t have good mechanics or make good choices. By the time they understand the need for instructions they have devloped bad habits that will remain with them for the rest of their playing days.

Even worse they go to amatuer instructors who give lessons. If an instructor cannot play at a high level, (pro) then you will be short changed in your training. Pro’s however, do not have time to teach and many of them lack the skills to teach.

First, you must esta