Smackin’ Pool with the Jack of All Trades: Walter Kelley ~ “Mighty” Joe Young {Cue

As a residential home building contractor and carpenter, Walter Kelley of Hallsville, Texas fell in love with the game as a teenager and started doing minor cue repair work around 1985.

While his cue repair business grew, Walter opened Ace High Billiards in 1987—a retailer of supplies and accessories to support his local community of players and leagues. By 2008, Ace High Billiards added a virtual storefront and now has a complete online catalog of offerings.

After doing repair work for nearly 25 years and with a burning desire to start building his own, Walter upgraded his equipment in 2010.

In less than four years, he’s been making many of his own parts and pieces including points, shafts and ringwork resulting in beautiful custom cues. His success has lead to a custom line of jump/break cues called “The Hillbilly Smacker,” played and endorsed by Pro Player Charlie “The Hillbilly” Bryant. With less time at building and remodeling homes, pool is quickly becoming a full time career.

Today, Walter enjoys making true custom cues to the customer’s specifications, making and promoting “The Hillbilly Smacker,” operating Ace High Billiard supplies and playing on APA teams.

Oh and if you’re ever hurt on the job or on league night, Mr. Kelley’s was also a paramedic for several years so I’m sure he can patch you up.