Sniper Tip Review. ~William Hurst {Review}

The Sniper tip wasn’t difficult to cut down or shape, but like many other layered tips I’ve tried, it did not want to retain it’s nickel shape without a fight.

I would shoot a few racks, it would flatten out and I would reshape it. The Sniper isn’t quite as tall as some of the other layered tips on the market and I began to worry about how far I would have to take it down before it would finally cooperate.

Don’t worry all you Sniper lovers, I also have some nice things to say about the tip, so here goes.

In between the work I was putting in reshaping the tip, I began to realize that I liked the way that it felt as I shot with it. The Sniper is considered a medium to medium/hard tip, but to me it felt more like a cross between a medium and soft tip which is exactly what I am looking for. It holds chalk well and the cue ball was responding beautifully when I applied English, used a stop or force follow shot and drawing the cue ball with the Sniper was no problem at all.

Yes, for all the work I was putting in and the frustration it was causing me, I realized that the tip was starting to grow on me. Then it would flatten out again.

That is where I stood when I first did a review of the Sniper.

It was 10 days ago and one of the members of the SPM family took issue with me over my review. He, like me, was a devoted fan of the old Moori tips and was just as disappointed as I was when they changed into the unreliable and inferior product that you get if you purchase one of the new ones. He had also tried Sniper, but unlike me, fell in love with them immediately and they had replaced Moori as his new favorite tip.