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Sofia Mast talks with The Drill Instructor & SPM TV

Sofia Mast, a.k.a. The Pink Dagger, talks with The Drill Instructor, a.k.a Dominic Esposito, and SPM TV’s Kat Day about how she got into pool and what first attracted her to the game. Sofia gives a lot of credit to her dad!

“Today is the last day of the Junior International Championship Stop#5 at Griff’s Sofia Mast “Pink Dagger” finished 5/6th out of 15 girls in the 18u division of the 9 ball event. She will be playing for the hot seat today in the 13u division There were only 7 players in that division Her week is not over yet. Starting this Tuesday is the BEF 9 ball Junior National Tournament where she will be competing to make it into the Worlds event being hosted in Puerto Rico Follow her page to watch her stream live and to follow her journey She is one the juniors to watch out for in the future of pool.” from Sofia Mast!

Photography By Corby Dayhoff of Servitude Photography

You can follow Sofia Mast on her Athlete page at

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