SPM TV Interviews Reed Merschat & Colby Frontiero Founders of the Salotto App.

Check out SPM TVs latest interview with Reed Merschat and Colby Frontiero the founders of the Salotto app! Colby and Reed found that there were gaps in the pool players area and wanted to fill a need to help players aid their game and Fargo rating by legitimizing the small business or home playing area. Salotto's main goal is to provide a tool to help and empower the small league operators or home players by being able to verify and legitimize their game. Colby and Reed have a big announcement! Check it out here!

A little about Salotto:

Salotto is a mobile app that allows pool players to find and host games of pool any place where a pool table is present. This can be at a business or in your own home. Salotto allows members to keep track of stats, win prizes, compete against pool players at their skill level or beyond.