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Stroke Drill. ~ Tim “The Monk” Miller

This is a drill from The Monk, designed to hone your stroke with the purpose of running as many balls as possible.

Look for 100% success with this, lesson thirteen.

The shot on the five ball calls for a strong determined stroke. You cannot be shy about slamming this ball into the corner pocket and coming across between the seven and eight, so you have a nice shot on the six. On the six ball, you will go two rails for a shot on the seven into the corner pocket.

Some players will play for a shot on the seven in the side pocket. If you end up with an angle, you will need to go up and down. It is better to connect the diamond K and be coming right at the seven for the corner. From there, you are on your own.

You must be comfortable with making a shot and clearing an object ball for your next shot. If you have a good draw stroke, you can actually clear the eight ball for a nice shot on the six. When you do that, you will find that it is hard to get back for the seven.

This is a graphic from my Lessons/Drills book. In the game of pocket billiards you must be the master of the four strokes of pool. You must be the master of cue ball speed. Then, you must be the master of self. It will take all three of those to finish this pattern.

In my workshops I teach the four strokes of pool so you can move on to position play. You will be stuck if you don’t know which stroke you are using on a shot. Your cue ball will not go where you expect it to if you use the wrong stroke.

Work on this pattern. They are designed to enhance your stroke. They are designed to build your skills. Skill development is the ultimate goal of all my teachings.

May all the rolls go your way.

The Monk

tim monk miller

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