Taom Chalk ~ by Garret Troop

In this industry we are all looking for that competitive edge.  In the end your stroke and creativity on the table is the only thing that will separate you.  With that being said the equipment that you choose to put in your case and on your cue really defines what you’re capable of doing on the table.   The tip has the most contact with the cue ball. So tip contact is important. The brand Taom chalk has been in the industry for a while now and is always making improvements in the quality and products that they produce.  The consistency of the chalk once a base layer is put down has a softer format then most on the market. It has the consistency of a cross between of the Predator 1080 chalk and the newer Kamui Roku.  In my experience the chalk needs a good base layer. Meaning I had to apply the first layers of consistency. The chalk is a cylinder shape and has a slightly bigger diameter then most other chalks on the market. I have a chalk holder that fits all other chalks but the Taom is slightly bigger. This means you get more chalk for your money.  I noticed that after using the chalk for a while it gets softer and you need to apply less chalk to get the same grip.