Techniques En Masse. ~ Nkoyoyo Eddy

The art of billiards is comprised of eight techniques that include: trick/fancy, follow, draw, bank and kick, jump, masse, stroke and special art.

But among all, the masse is the most difficult to master and the most splendid stroke one can ever see—the way it translates those seemingly impossible trajectories. It’s so fun and undoubtedly the greatest crowd pleaser to the trick shot audience.

Basically, the masse is a shot made with the cue stick elevated (butt end in air and shaft pointed into the felt) at some angle of elevation which is dependent on amount of curve required. Even though most masses require much energy, the most effective masse stroke requires an effortless, yet elegant execution.

When we consider the physics involved in the masse, it’s all about kinetic energy (KE).

From the law of conservation of energy, we know that the KE received by the ball during impact with the tip is equal to the one developed by the player’s movement except for some negligible amount converted into heat due to friction.