The Art of Physiology~ by Simon Capon

Jake is about to play his first-round match. His preparation on the practice table has been exceptional. He has remained focused and confident. His timing and delivery of the cue are admired by many of the established players who attend the same club. However, as Jake sits and waits for his opportunity to display his current form on the all-important match table he begins to experience those familiar doubts in his mind coupled with the physical feelings of anxiety. This is incredibly frustrating for Jake and countless other competitors who understand exactly how challenging this can be.

The question is, what’s happening? and can it be solved? The answer to the first question is simply a change in state. Fortunately, the answer to the second question is yes. During this article and the next, we will examine what state is and how we can change it to automatically produce greater levels of self-belief and certainty.

A state is how we feel about ourselves and our ability to take on certain tasks.  It’s made up of two components. Those components are physiology and internal representation. The internal representation is a fancy phrase for what’s going on in our minds. During this article, we will place our focus on physiology. A strong physiology is easy to learn and master but more importantly, it’s effect can be staggering.

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