The Banshee. ~ Hurricane Wayne Jenkins

I am one who believes that the harder the practice routine is during practice time, the more likely one is to show extreme results and the ability to overcome and outplay a stronger opponent. So, if you do not like to be pushed to your limits during practice time—like going two or three and out in tournaments—and enjoy giving your money to others… then read no further. This practice is not for you.

I have been reading many pocket billiard forums in the last year, looking for questions that people need the most correct answers to, or questions that open the door for new questions with no available answers.

The most common question I have come across is “What is the best practice game to improve my 9-Ball game?” The most common answer is by far has been “To play the Ghost!” Everyone knows how to play the Ghost, or should if you want to improve your game, and not just 9-Ball. The rules are very easy.

Rack and break the balls just like regular 9-Ball. After the break, you get ball in hand. Any balls pocketed stay down. If you can run the rack out you win. If you miss, scratch, or foul… you lose. Race to nine.

This was a regular practice game for me for many years. Then I reached a level of play where I was beating the Ghost every time I played it, so I started giving the Ghost a handicap. Every time I beat the Ghost two out of three matches, I raised it’s handicap. Each handicap level was the number of games I spotted the Ghost at the beginning of each new match.

I was playing the Ghost every day while getting ready for a big tournament. During this practice time I had raised the Ghost to a six! I was playing great… or so I thought.

Tournament day came, and I found out that running out the table was not a problem… but getting on the first object ball after the break was. My safety game was not good enough—the jump cue was proof of that—and I was not beating my opponents as easily as I should.

I needed a better practice game that covered these areas. I needed a game that was as hard to beat as are the top players in the world. So I created one. A game where every