The BreakRak By Garret Troop

The BreakRak!

So I've always wanted to try the Breakrak and I finally got the full set up and here we go.

When I first started Breaking I thought it was just a slam the hell outa the balls and hope for the best. I always grabbed the heaviest cue there was thinking that it would break the hardest and just go for it. That couldn’t have been farther from the truth. As I started my journey and became a better pool player I started studying the break and how the pro’s did it and what their techniques were.

The Main thing that I found and this holds really true is that it’s more about where the cue ball contacts the rack. This will allow the greeted power distribution through the rack and you get the greatest break. Then the power and precision of your break allows you to get the greatest break. This takes time and a good rack. The key in all of this is controlling the cue ball.