The Evolution of Billiards. ~ Alvin Nelson

Pro and amateur billiards is on a swing in the right direction.

That is the mindset that I want to program into the mass collective and begin to materialize A Golden Age for billiards right from our own thoughts.

I am responsible for the industry as it is now. My mind is a reflection of the outward appearance. As soon as I can change my mind the world will change around me. This is the end result of 10 years in the pro pool world, owning responsibility for everything and that is powerful.

This article will bring accounts of several top of the industry pro players who have been in the professional levels of the industry for many years as well and attempt to inspire us all to take our game and sport to the next level. I feel that with Live Streaming, the alternative media, and platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Ustream, Sneaky Pete Mafia, NYCGrind, and InsidePool, we are beginning to build a strong foundation to set our palace to pool and billiards among the stars.

The central idea that seems to be most important is promoting others in the industry and promoting the top pros abilities and value while promoting our individual cause. I believe one of the key elements to unlocking this door is for us all take a vow to help thy neighbor here in the pool world as much as we can.

The step up to positive thinking is ultra important. The common mind of someone in the Billiards industry is that of an “outside of the box thinker”—intelligent, and understanding of how difficult it is to make something out of yourself in the pool world. They are focused and strong minded for sure. The focus needs to move from separate interests only to unification of support.

All companies and players in the pool world are working for the limited amount of money and products that can be used to trade for advertising and player expenses. I believe the key is to really pump up your advertisers who support you and others. Sell their products well and that will build a stronger ad base for the industry to give back.

The common wrong thought system is: “I just need to get my expenses paid.”

From here the mindset needs to move to: “What can I do to help this advertiser make more money than what they put out of pocket to get me to this event?” From there it is very important to really represent their investment in you, and go out of your way to put that product or person on a pedestal for the people and media.

The next sensitive subject is that we need to remove the rose colored glasses—the road player enigma we all watch, and follow. The public view of gambling and the hustler rubber stamp, although romantic and exciting in its current manifestation, leads this game on a downward spiral. Until the entire aura of that mindset changes the world will not view pool properly.

The way in which this activity is done is the key. More importantly is professionalism and appearance when out in the f