The Future is Bright- Jr Players are Paving the Way for Our Future~ by Simon Capon

The future is bright.

Garret Troop kindly allowed me to write for the magazine with the opportunity to ask some questions to a few junior players.  Sport relies on young talent to continue the growth of national and international standards. I can honestly say I was over whelmed by the dedication, mindset and maturity of such young players.

Firstly, I want to mention a man who has a vision for the future. He has accomplished this by directing his focus and resources to young players and created a valuable opportunity; this man is of course Gregory Scott Bush. Gregory spent much of his younger years in pool halls around the Tri-state area. We all know GSBcues and Gregory built his first cue after some research and investing in a lathe. A few years of testing he sold his first cue. He recalls seeing the look on the face of the buyer and in his words “I was hooked”.