The Game That Quiets Down My Mind ~ Pepijn de Wit


A glimpse inside the mind of Pepijn de Wit and why he loves to play one pocket so much.

I frequently wonder what pool means to me and what I want it to mean. Pool was my sport at first. Now, it’s a hobby. I want it to quiet down my mind. That’s why One Pocket is my favorite game. It’s the only game capable of blocking all other thoughts not related to the task at hand.

The reflection in the mirror would describe me as a thinker and dreamer with great ambitions and a creative spirit that has yet to find its way to the outside world. Is that possible? I don’t think so. The spirit only leaves a body when it’s dead, right? That would mean death is not the end. To me, death is the end of a life cycle. Meaning, this form of being will, logically, never continue, otherwise it wouldn’t be the end. So, dead. As someone who studied anthropology, I feel obliged to say that this is not the same for everyone. It also depends on how we define ‘spirit’.

My apologies, this has nothing to do with what one pocket means to me. I often amuse myself with side tracks. The above merely resembles my way of thinking. Writing an article with my thoughts can therefore be a messy process. The roads my thoughts take always consist of many roundabouts, not crossroads, because those make a more structured impression. I don’t like T-junctions at all, by the way. They oblige you to change direction. I don’t like to be obliged.

For a silent, and attentive observer of the over-thinking type of mind as myself, pool centers are places with an overwhelming amount of external stimuli. I can hear myself thinking: yes that’s true, but that’s true for all places outside my apartment. Pool requires a lot of concentration. I often lack concentration, because most days I’m a lost sheep within my own web of thoughts.