The Hot Seat: Improper Stroke and Cue Ball English. ~ “Hurricane” Wayne Jenkins

Hello and welcome back to the Hot Seat.

It has been a awhile since you started working on improving your ball pocketing skills. How did you do? You are welcome to post your results and chat with us on our Facebook group.

Last time we also worked on a proper stance and not moving our head until the object ball hits the pocket. Now we are going to build on what we have already learned.

1. Improper stroke while shooting:

A proper stroke is difficult to maintain while trying to also concentrate on aiming, English, ball speed and playing two to three balls ahead. This is why it needs to become completely natural and that it requires no effort to perform.

A proper stroke never takes its aim away from the shot you are making during the entire length of the stroke. Over drawing during your stroke causes the butt of your cue to rise as your arm straightens.When you do this you are then pointing your cue down through the table instead of through the cue ball.

2. Cue Ball English:

Cue ball English “throws” more or less depending on cue ball speed and amount of English applied. Throw is how much it will actually cut the object ball. Throw will cut a ball even if you shoot it as if you were going to shoot it straight ahead. This will also cause you to miss a straight-in shot if you hit the cue ball off center, whether or not you are trying to follow, stop or draw the cue call.

If you shoot soft it will have more throw. If you shoot hard it will have less throw. How far can you actually throw a ball? Let’s take a look: