The Importance of Decision Making & Pre-Shot Routine - By: Emily Duddy

Updated: Feb 1

The Importance of Decision Making & Pre-Shot Routine

After decades of competition I have come to know that solid mental skills & fundamentals are everything when it comes to playing your best pool! When the nerves are high, it means adrenaline is pumping through your system & the possibility of making a mistake increases. The most consistent way to play well under pressure is to strengthen your decision making process & shoot with a pre-shot routine. Personally I worked with one of my coaches, Mike Napolitano (Mikey Naps), for years to improve my analysis of the game better & to strengthen my fundamentals. This training dramatically affected my performance & joy during competition. If possible I recommend taking lessons with a coach or professional to help you create a pre-shot routine. In case this is not an option for you, I will break it down here.

Make All Your Decisions Standing Up

Each time you step up to the table you want to start by analyzing your available options, offensive & defensive & where you want your cue ball to end up. A player should consider their skill level when making decisions.