The Jacoby Break Cue Series ~ Garret Troop

Jacoby has a breaking cue that will fit your needs.  The currently offer three different variations on the break cue.

The Heavy Hitter

The edge break cue

The Feather weight

The Heavy hitter is designed for people that have a slower breaking stroke.  The cue has a consistent taper on the butt and fits well in your hands.  It comes standard with a Phenolic tip and ferrule combo.  This cue comes in a verity of weights and going up to 25oz which is an industry standard in the BCA and APA.  This cue is rear weighted and allows the cue to do most of the work for a person with a slower stroke.  It’s a ball buster.

The Edge break cue.

This cue they designed a little differently.  The cue comes standard with an Odega tip and linen ferrule.  The leather composite.  The butt is slightly bigger and a different shape. It has a reverse conical taper which allows you to grab the cue a little different. It has a flat laminated shaft and it makes for a stiffer hit.  This cue in generally lighter than the heavy hitter and is also designed to be a full length jump cue.  This is legal in most leagues including the APA and BCA.

The Feather weight break cue

The Feather weight cue is the light end of cues coming in right at about 15oz.  This is for the breaker that has a faster break and really wants to generate the maximum amount of speed on their break. It’s based off of the heavy weight cousin The Heavy Hitter.  The Tapers and tip are the same as the heavy Hitter with the difference of 10 ounces between the Maximum and the minimum amount of weight.  The cue was designed to maximize the velocity of the stroke traveling with little weight restinence .