The Katana Performance Shaft. ~ Garret Troop {Review}

After looking at the different shafts on the market, I wanted to try one that was a little different. I was happy to do a little homework, and came across the Katana Performance Shaft from CueStix International.

It has a conical tapered shaft with an 11.5mm tip. I have shot with a few different shafts with this taper, and I am beginning to get a feel for them. This shaft feels a little different than the others I have tested in the sense that I didn’t have to adjust for squirt as much as I thought.

The Katana Performance Shaft comes standard with a ten piece radial lamination. On a blind test I could not tell the difference between this shaft and, say, the Predator Z2 or the Viking ExactShot shaft. The more and more I play with a conical tapered shaft, the more they’re growing on me.

It’s honestly a stiff hit that is very precise.

When it came to me it had a beautiful sheath (or cue sleeve) over it and, honestly, the company as a whole went out of its way to make sure that this was a wonderful transaction. The shaft compares to the higher end cue companies on the market, and has a incredible price tag of only $209.

For all us struggling pool players, that is a great thing.

I have shot with many shafts this last year and this is one that made the cut. This is the only low deflection shaft that CueStix International offers, and it’s a good one.

I know they make many cues, and they’re based out of Colorado. I feel that they could easily charge more for this shaft, as their entire Katana cue line is in the $400.00 range.

For that price you will not get a better low deflection shaft.

The shaft was designed to have a wood-to-wood joint with a brass insert. I personally like the taper on the shaft and like not having a super long ferrule. I will go on to say that every shaft takes a little getting used to.

The more you play the more you know how the characteristics of that shaft compare and contrast to your playing style. If you have an accurate stroke and you like playing with a shaft that helps maximize your ability to make precise shots, then this shaft is for you.

This is the description CueStix has on their website:

Tip: 11.5mm Katana by Tiger Ferrule: 3/8″ inch proprietary material Shaft: Birdseye maple pro taper 10 piece radial lamination Joint: Brass inserts Rings: Black collar, or