The Lag, Entry # 2 ~ Kelvin Greenleaf

Technology: the mere word strikes fear in the minds of some, while filling others with unbridled excitement! Since the dawn of mankind we as a race of humans have striven to make life easier. Technology has played a huge role in our history as we have constantly looked for better ways to perform everyday tasks.

In the world of pool and billiards, technology has also been ever present. Though the main premise of the game has not changed much, technology has changed the way things are done. How many different types of specialty tips are now available? Low deflection shafts, zero-deflection shafts, jump cues, break cues, balls made from different composites to react and perform more consistently, even the cloth has been through a tremendous evolution! Through it all though, pocket billiards is still played on a table which is half as wide as it is long, with 6 pockets. The basic and most popular games have remained timeless, 8-ball and 9-ball. Though leagues have tweaked them from their original formats, if you walk into just about any honky-tonk in rural America and try to play by league rules, you will likely be leaving very quickly and hopefully under your own power!

The technology on which I would like to focus today involves the world of electronics. We have the internet. We have smart phones with cameras able to shoot still photos or videos. We have social media, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, to name a few. On these platforms we are able to share with the world anything and everything we want! We have gone from a once private society to one which seemingly begs for attention by posting even the most minute and insignificant of daily activities for all to see! Despite all the users and abusers, social media addicts and trolls, this technology now plays a huge role in our ancient game! This is evident by all the pool related group pages and websites spewing out tons of information for any and all who want to know where the next big tournament will be held, who has the cheapest LD shaft, and yes, pictures of the unknown pool player who is moving across the country torturing everyone he plays!

Let’s narrow it down just a bit more. Most all of the social media platforms give the ability of “live-streaming” to the user. With live-streaming the user can simply use the video camera on a smart phone to broadcast live video through a social media platform. Also available is live-streaming through web sites and broadcast equipment, which may not be as easily accessible to the average “Joe,” but with a little research one can learn without taking on the lifelong debt of a student loan!

Within the last couple of years, live-streaming has grown tremendously around pool. Action games or 2-man tournaments as some are called, and also multi player tournaments can now be viewed from the small local tournaments to the large international tourn