The One-Handed Game Is What Got Him. ~ Greg Hogue

My trip to Oklahoma last month to play a challenge match with Oklahoma City super star Chip Compton was fun and entertaining, to say the least.

And the ride with Mr. Breaking Vegas himself, Tommy Carmichael, was one I won’t soon forget. The complete 90 mile trip to Oklahoma City from Tulsa was spent with Tommy telling me stories about himself, Vegas, the tool he invented to win at game machines, the people, and all the money he collected. He had me hanging on the edge of my seat with every word.

If you watch the discovery channel special on him, you will understand what I’m talking about. Tommy is an interesting fella.

When we finally got to Chester’s Billiards, the roles switched up. Chip Compton, myself and $4000 cash became the stars of this show. With Carmichael hunkered down at my side, we flipped the coin and got started in what turned out to be quite a lopsided match. For a minute, I was thinking it was going to be super tough, like Chip might be the greatest one-handed player of all time, but even for the greatest of all time, this game was tough.

That’s just me looking at the worse case scenario.

I will give Chip credit: he did win the first game and two more strung along the way. In the end, the one-handed game was just too much for the young super star to handle.

A week before he played a challenge match against local Oklhoma City player, Jay Rucker. Even one pocket, Chip played one-handed and Jay played with both hands. Chip won the 5 ahead challenge match for $2000. I guess that’s what inspired our game, me giving him 10-8, with him playing one-handed and me playing two.