The Other Farmer Story. ~ Peggy Mallen

Are you tired of the usual run-of-the-mill story about the great names in billiards?

Well, I’m here to tell you the “other” story about one of the great artistic pool players of our time, Marty “The Farmer” Carey.

Sure, he’s had many accolades through the years (starting in the early 1990’s finishing first in many of the top tournaments on the East Coast, where he grew up, and one of his greatest recent accomplishments is being inducted into the New England Billiard Hall of Fame on March 1, 2013.) But the “other” story—the real story—transcends the obvious and moves into the heart of who Marty Carey really is as a person.

The year is 1990. Marty has been married for over 15 years with two beautiful daughters, Lindsey and Leslie, when suddenly Leslie was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Within eleven weeks, she had passed away at Boston’s Children’s Hospital.  From that point forward, family life as he knew it disintegrated before his eyes and he was left alone and in misery.

Only days after his daughter’s death, his home was raided by the Federal Government. In the back shed, they found several hundred marijuana seedlings, each planted in its own small cup. Not having any statutes at that time regarding marijuana seedlings, the Feds categorized each cup as a “kilo” and he was sentenced based on 900 kilos of marijuana. The statute stated that anything over 100 plants is considered a Federal offense.

He was sentenced to ten years in a Federal prison.

As if things couldn’t get worse, during that time his wife divorced him and left with his beloved Lindsey, his home was seized by civil forfeiture, and all property was taken from him because the property facilitated the offense. He was left devastated and grieving, with no one to lean on when he needed it most.