The Pechauer P+ Pro Low Deflection Shaft & Pechauer Gold Layered Tip. ~ Bradley Thuringer {Revi

This story begins with a heated debate regarding the merits of Low Deflection pool cue shafts and the various companies that create them.

This debate normally centers around two main companies: Predator serves as one of the first companies to make a commercially successful LD shaft, and OB—a company out of Texas that has a highly engineered product that is reknown to produce a softer feel.

As this debate rages on, other companies are mentioned. Due to the educated nature of this group, many other companies are also brought up. At one point my favorite cue company is mentioned. This is when I chime in and shamelessly beg Mr. Joseph Pechauer the courtesy of a sample of the new LD shaft that his company is offering.