The Player Profiles: Sweet David Crosby ~ Jonathan Smith-Bey

There are a lot of players in the Cue sports industry; some are well known and others—not so much.

Then there are the players that you should know.

One of those people is Sweet David Crosby.

David was born in Orlando, Florida. He is an accomplished musician, playing several instruments, and mastering several genres. He’s also an accomplished Martial Artist and a compassionate human being, but his game is pool.

His only advice is that you need the Five S’s:

  1. The shot.

  2. The stance.

  3. The stroke.

  4. The speed.

  5. The shape.

Always up for a challenge, he will play anybody, but his favorite discipline is carom pool. His favorite charity is Cues 4 Kids and cues for chores. His favorite nickname is MacGyver and one of his favorite mentors is Ponytail Ray.

His favorite cue is a custom build.

David is a great guy to talk to, and a real friend to the game of pocket billiards, and Sneaky Pete Mafia. Check out his work in the first issue of SPM magazine. And if you see him at the super billiards expo, see if you can get a game from him. But come ready to play! Because he’s played all of your favorite mainstream cueist, and he knows how to win.

Photo: via David Crosby Editor: Dana Gornall

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