The Secret of the Half-Ball ~ Bill Smith “Mr3Cushion”

Bill Smith “Mr3Cushion” has been one of the top players in the country for all of his 40 year career as a professional 3 Cushion player. He can teach as well as he played and brings us a great opportunity to this great game.

The SECRET of the Half-Ball

The Half-Ball Aiming System THE KEY FACTOR in my game’s acceleration over the years is what I’ve learned regarding the achievement of maximum effect and speed with the help of my late mentor and best friend Ernie Presto. People have always been kind enough to ask, “Why does your cue ball always seem to have so much life to it with so little effort?” Well, part of it is due to the hand/eye coordination nature gave me. I can’t help you with that. But, it mostly has to do with how I strike the object ball. I can help you there.