The System of Having No System ~ by Jeff Trent

The System of Having No System

When considering Aiming Systems, let us look to the master Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee may someday be surpassed in certain physical elements of his art, but it’s more his philosophy that will be considered the paradigm for excellence. For without the way he approached Martial Arts from his mental plane, the physical would have never been achieved.

The basic concept of “the style of having no style” or in our case, “the system of having no system”, is not that certain techniques don’t, or better stated, “never work”, but that we shouldn’t lock ourselves into any ONE system.

Instead, we try to understand why things work the way they do, what works the best, and then strip down the techniques to their simplest form and let things take a more natural path.

But before we get into that, I would first like to say that aiming is really the minor role of the shot making process. The delivery, or stroke, plays a bigger role. That is, probably 75% of the time a shot is missed, it is a stroking error and not an aiming one. So you should actually try to iron out the glitches in your delivery more than aiming.

The reason why most aiming systems break down, and pros typically dismiss them, is that there is no “one system” that will work every time. Plain and simple.

The fact that any given shot can be struck with a myriad of speeds and spins, makes it virtually impossible to rely on any just one. Having said that, I would also like to make the statement that, though it is beneficial in knowing some aiming systems, and like training wheels, they can somewhat aid you when first beginning,