The Talents of Jaared Arosemena. ~ Missy Moran Capestrain

Jazz artist, pool player, and an administrator for Sneaky Pete Mafia Magazine (SPMM,) Jarred is a very busy married man who is father of two and grandfather of three.

His nuclear family is “spread out,” as he and his wife live in Washington, D.C., one son lives in Florida, and one in Queens, New York. His family of origin is “scattered everywhere” including D.C., Italy, and Sicily. Being of both Spanish and Italian descent, he can understand some of each language — “enough to get around” in some foreign countries.

Jaared accidentally fell into the music world when, at six years old, his doctor suggested he take music lessons (specifically for a medical reason.) Having never before read music, he taught himself to somewhat read it but really excelled after being taught by a jazz artist, Chuck Mangione. The instruments he learned to play include the EWI Wind Synthesizer, the alto, soprano, and tenor saxophones, as well as all of the woodwind instruments!

Music has taken Jaared to “places all over the planet including Venice, Rome, Murano, West Africa, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Oman.” While in the Middles East, he was “treated like gold!”

Whether in or out of the country, he has his choice of which band he plays with, as he has four here in the U.S., one in London, and one in Frankfurt. It’s safe to say that he entertains quite a bit both here, across the pond, and other destinations abroad.

He has friends and followers all over the world as well. Two record labels share five of his published Jazz CDs. Obviously, he worked diligently at his music playing and has excelled, with the number of his bands and friends as proof.

In light of Jaared’s great success in the world of jazz music, it is not surprising then that he is on social media such as