The Viking eXact Shot Shaft. ~ Dakotah Schmidtknecht {Product Review}

Hi! Dakotah Schmidtknecht here to do a review of the Viking exact shot shaft. First off, I’m no pro-shooter—I’m a VNEA B-level shooter from Wisconsin with too much time on my hands. I’ve been taught how to test for deflection by Brandon Jacoby of Jacoby Custom Cues. I tested this shaft much like I tested the last one: on seven, eight, and nine-foot tables.

The Viking eXact Shot shaft is available to purchase in several pins including 5/16” x 18 quick release, 5/16 x 18 full thread, 5/16 x 14 full thread, 3/8 x 10 full thread, radial and uni-loc quick release pins.

The standard tip that comes with this shaft is a Kamui black soft, with a Viking soft performance ferrule. The shaft came from the factory with a variety of Kamui and Everest tips. The standard length is 29 inches and can go up to 32 inches if requested. It has a 12-14 inch taper.

When I started testing the eXact Shot, thought to myself, “How the hell am I going to do this?”

I used the process I was shown by Jacoby to easily test a shaft for deflection with: Take 3 balls on the short rail by the side you would break towards and line the balls frozen to the rail and each other with the middle ball in front of the middle diamond; take the two side balls move, them and inch out from the center ball, then remove the center ball; take the cue ball at the head string directly in line of the center diamond; now line up the shot as if you were going to hit in between the two balls now shift over and add left or right English. This is the basic set up. I added three tips of English and medium to hard stroke. I consider my medium stroke to be perfect for table speed, so I’m added more force to really test the shaft.