The Viking eXactShot Cue. ~ Garret Troop {Product Review}

I was pleased to receive the cue from Viking eXactShot XRZR two days earlier than they said I would get it.

The unveiling of the cue was a task as it was very well protected. They also put many other little goodies into the box—it was nice to see a company offer more than what was purchased.

Opening the box, I was trying to figure out how this cue was different or better than others on the market. A point I have brought up in past reviews is the quality of the finish—or the lack thereof—as I have used a number of cues with poor quality final finishes.

The finish was amazing!

Every cue has a personality and an energy; it takes time to see how you and your cue get along. I believe this much is true: each cue has an energy, no matter what weight. And that energy is spoken through your stroke and how you choose to see how far you can push what it is that you do. This cue has a responsive energy and that, with the right wielding hand, can do amazing things.

The Viking eXactShot XRZR cue comes standard with a black Kamui soft tip. Looking at the cue for the first time, I was a little perplexed at the lines going down the shaft. I personally weighed the cue in at 17 oz. and it came standard with a 29″ shaft. I had followed the recommendations of Viking and ordered this shaft in the 11.75 mm. conical taper to optimize the low deflection properties.

If you have never shot with a conical tapered shaft before, it feels a little odd getting used to it. I feel that with a pro-tapered shaft I reach that point where the shaft starts getting thicker and I get the feeling that I should start adjusting my stroke. A conical tapered shaft just gets thicker and will take a little getting used to.

I have personally played with a few other conical tapered shafts on the market including the Predator Z