The Winning Mindset in Pool Matches. ~ Max Eberle

There are only two ways to think about the 1% of the pool players who have become run out players and tournament champions.

One way is to think that their position is unjust. To think that what they have is simply a result of randomness or luck, and beyond most people’s reach or they were simply blessed with crazy talent and just the right circumstances to make them as good as they are and able to win as much as they do.

This type of thinking basically guarantees that one will not have to worry about becoming a great player.

The other way to think about it is: If one person can do it, then there is no reason I can’t do it too. If he can do it then that is proof that others can, therefore I can too. So now I will get busy figuring out how and start doing it now—today.

You will either see great players and their abilities, talents and wins as proof you can’t, or proof you can.

Having the winning mindset for pool is an utmost important thing. You see this both in the match you have now, and in the hope and prospect for long term success and future improvement to become the pool player and person you want to become.

You can create and change your mindset through the power of your own imagination and thinking.

You can create it through the power of association (exercised by being here and the players you listen to, learn from and hang out with), and through the power of implementation of the skills you learn.