Thorsten “The Hitman” Hohmann: The Name Suits Him Well. ~ Greg Hogue

Thorsten “The Hitman” Hohmann is regarded by his peers and one of the best all-around pocket billiard players on the planet.

His resume is padded with win after win of world, international and United State wide titles; it’s nothing short of stellar. The nickname “The Hitman” suits him quite well.

Our first  encounter was in 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the at the Straight Pool Challenge, one of the side events for the Billiards Congress of Americas main event: the BCA Pro 10-ball Event and the BCA Nationals. I was fortunate to have won the men’s division of the Straight Pool Challenge with a high run of 100 balls that set me next to last on the seeded eight man tournament list. I believe Thorston had a high run that was close to 200 balls that seeded us together in the final eight man, 100 point tournament. This was a steller field with the likes of Mad Max Eberle with his high run of 257, Tony Robles and Ralph “The Surgeon” Souquet.

I lost the lag so I won the break. When playing straight pool, it’s to the breaker’s disadvantage, unlike most other pocket billiard games.

I answered with a well-executed break, not breaking the rack out too much; bringing the cue ball back to the lower cushion. We traded points back and forth until I got a break, with The Hitman missing a shot at 44 points and myself at 20 points. I’m in the middle of a 24-ball run, when out of no where I send the cue ball into one of those funny tick-tick-ticky caroms off three balls and scratch in the side, trying to spread the pack open for a better layout.

“That was all,” she wrote. I never saw the table again. The Hitman ran 66 and out. “Thank you, come again, and see you later…” I smiled, shook his hand. Game over.