Throwing Frozen Balls ~ Jacqueline Karol

The game is 9-ball here.  In Diagram 1, the cue ball is frozen to the 8-ball and their line of centers are aimed to miss to the right hand corner of the pocket. The 9-ball is on the same end of the table. How would you make the 8-ball and also get position for the 9-ball?


Diagram 3 reveals that the answer is by using direction-induced throw. Remember that throw is counter-intuitive. Contact the cue ball on the right side of the line of centers of the cue ball and the 8-ball and aim towards the left side of the line of centers. The balls will actually stick together because of friction and throw the 8-ball in the pocket while the cue ball follows the path of the dotted line for position on the 9-ball.