Top 10 Influencers of 2020 By Chris Renfro

Chris Renfro

Unofficial top 10 influencers for American pool in 2020 and why.. Plus honorable mentions.. This is my own personal list from how I see it.. No Snooker.. No Chinese 8Ball... No English Blackball.. Just Pool.. This is Outsville mister... You are welcome to create your own..... Or if you wish to point out people I have missed or debate my picks please feel welcome.. Just keep it civil...... 1) Matchroom Sports/ Emily Frazer - Matchroom's acquisition of the US Open and World 9ball in addition to their existing events has put them solidly in the catbirds seat for years to come.. Emily has a vision for where we need to be and honestly.. I like it... 2020 took the events down but when Matchroom speaks all of us listen... Who's ready for MOSCONI!!!! 2) Predator Group/ Karim Belhaj - Yes a cue company but wait.. It's not just about the cues anymore....Predator stepped out in 2019 and rescued the World 10ball which had died in 2015 and brought a world championship back to the US for the first time since 1997... COVID cancelled their 2020 10 ball world championship with the players in Vegas waiting to lag and their world tour plans will have towait until 2021... They have added more pros to their stable and have rolled on in 2020 with new industry changing products... 3) Diamond Billiards/ Greg Sullivan - 2020 had very few shining stars to light up the way but as always Derby City and the BIGFOOT did so.. Diamond will sell more tables this year than any prior year because of the lock downs.. Those tables will fuel the turn out when COVID is over... Those players are out there learning the game that otherwise never would have. We will be seeing them for years to come.. 4) APA/ Greg Fletcher - APA? sure.. remember to include Japan and Canada and soon to add 2 other markets that I can't mention as those are rumors. 2020 and COVID has crushed them but they have held the course and worked hard on region by region basis to keep their players safe while playing when possible and have opened and closed more times than can be imagined.. They likely have had to work as hard as anyone in the face of the pandemic on behalf of the LOs and players..