Travel Mate Cue Holder ~ Steve Sherman

The Travel Mate is one of the most innovative billiards accessories to hit the market in recent memory.  I first saw the concept of the Travel Mate at Super Billiards Expo in 2016.  I waited on line for ten minutes just to sign up to be on the mailer.  Ever since then I have been looking forward to getting my hands on the Travel Mate and a year later, I finally did, and it was worth the wait.

In reviewing the Travel Mate, I set it up in the rec room in my home and also travelled with it, using it in several tournaments and league matches. I found the Travel Mate to be an extremely high-quality product that is as functional as it is attractive. To see if the Travel Mate is right for you, read on for my comprehensive review.

Disclaimer: This review was authored prior to the Travel Mate being made generally available to the public and was based on a pre-release version of the product. There may be slight variations in the final release of the product that differ from this review.

What is the Travel Mate? The Travel Mate is a portable cue holder designed to hold up to 4 cues safely and conveniently.  What sets it apart from other cue holders is that it is a free-standing floor unit that does not require affixing to a table, chair or other surface.  A high-end unit, it has the elegance to replace the types of stands that you might see in a home rec room, while at the same time, being portable enough to take with you on the go.  It’s made out of aluminum with a super clean powder coated finish that reminds me very much of the Delta 13 Rack.

What I Liked About It • Extremely High Quality, high end product • Very well made, this product should last you forever • Very versatile, can use in the home and also take with you on the go • Ingenious Engineering • Looks Fantastic • Very stable, will not easily tip • Free standing, no need to have a table or chair to lean the cue on • Holds cues safely and securely • Holds the cues from the butt end which helps prevent shaft dings • Holds a jump cue as easily as a standard cue • Holds up to four cues • Carrying case holds everything and makes it convenient to take on the go

Considerations • Expensive, especially as compared to other cue holders on the market • For a portable unit, it’s large and heavy at 9 inches high and 2lbs in weight • While the unit sets up and breaks down in under a minute, it’s not as convenient as other cue holders