Trudy the Beauty ~ Missy Capestrain

“Trudy the Beauty”

Billy Joel, Mac Truck, General Electric, Bethlehem Steel, “Trudy”, Kahn Custom Cues and owner Joe Kancsal, all have one thing in common, Allentown, PA. While some businesses are floundering, Kahn Custom cues has only just begun to flourish.

Though only in it’s infancy, surely it will grow quickly.  When not working in sales, hand building custom cues engulfs most of Joe Kancsal’s time. During his high school years, [he]unfortunately had the time of [his] life.” He was a “hell raiser” but eventually had to enter the “real world.”

After high school he moved to his uncle’s house in Canada where he learned the trade of framing houses, a skill set which carried him through college. He was an English major, however not working in the field because life called him in different directions. His custom cue business began innocently enough with no hard or soft plans to start a small business.

Joe began replacing his own tips after tiring from having to hunt down and then wait for the repair person to get the job done. He then started replacing tips of teammates then players from the larger public player population. As he attracted more and more customers, purchase of a repair lathe became necessary. His next move was ferrule repair, butt cap repair, and Irish linen wraps. All of this was attainable with a few strokes of good luck in racking up customers, Joe’s mindset & confidence that “If someone could do something, so could I”, and so became the birth of “Kahn Custom Cues”.