Ultimate Banking Angel Drill ~ Jackie Karol

Knowing the 4 main variables that affect bank shots such as contact point, force, English, & collision induced throw are one thing, but training your muscle memory is another.

This drill provides my excellent practice routine covering virtually every type of common bank shot on the table. There are 135 total reference shots here.  Not only do you train your muscle memory for pocketing different bank shots, but you also must get shape on the next ball.

Diagram 1 shows each position of the object ball (1-9), cue ball positions (I-V) and the 8-ball positions (No. 1-No. 3). 

Diagram 2 is an example of one of the shots.   The most ideal way to bank this ball and get shape on the 8-ball is to use low right.  Because the 8-ball is nearby, we must hit the cue ball at a fairly soft speed. We need some backspin on the cue ball when it arrives at the object ball.   Since we are hitting it soft, the low will wear off faster, so w