Universe Clothing Mission Statement. ~ Nick Bashizi

I apologize in advance for the length of this message.

I am going to try to make it as short as possible, but there is a lot to say and this message cannot be compressed any further.

I started Universe Clothing with one goal in mind: to change the general public’s perception of pool. If people could see what pool really is all about, if they could see past the bad image that it has, they would fall in love with it, like we did. It’s a game of strategy, finesse, patience, discipline, perseverance and skills. It’s a game that does not discriminate in any way: tall or short, rich or poor, big or slim, no matter the skin color, no matter where people are from, everyone can play pool, and everyone has a chance to become a good player if they work hard at it. How many other sports can claim that? And yes, pool is a sport, just as much as golf is.

If the general public could see all that, pool would have a lot more respect and our pros wouldn’t be struggling to make a living. Unfortunately that is not the case. I ran a test with a number of non-pool players just to see what the results would be. The test was very simple: I wrote down four words on a piece of paper: Chess, Tennis, Golf and Pool (with the understanding that I meant Billiards). Each word had its own column.

I then asked each person to write as many words as possible in each column based on what each word meant to them in terms of associated values or perception. This was just a test to satisfy my own curiosity so I did not record the results in an organized fashion.