ViKORE Shaft. ~ Garret Troop {Review}

This 11.75 pro tapered shaft is kick ass. I love the Viking line, but this shaft is really fun and playful.

It has an 12 to 14 inch pro taper on it, and out of all the shafts that I have and have played with this one just seems to fit my playing style when I feel playful on the table.

I spoke to the viking crew and now understand a little more about this shaft. They hollow out the tip of the shaft by boring out six inches of it and filling it with a less dense wood. This gives the shaft a lessoned weight at the front end of the cue.

That means a high performance, low deflection shaft without multiple pieces to break down or delaminate and cause trouble.

You can really feel the hit on this shaft as it is a solid construction. They retail for as low as $179.00 and for a great low deflection shaft that is a wonderful price for all pool players. Bottom line, I give this product four out of five Sneaky Petes.

The reason that I haven’t given it that last little Sneaky Pete is that if you are going on the road and you are shooting for the money or a big tournament, I personally prefer a shaft that is stiffer for more of an LD feel.

This is a fun shaft and with that being said, if you get used to this you’re going to have a harder time transitioning to a different shaft. In all honesty if I were going on the road and only taking two shafts, this would be one of them. You can purchase this shaft (along with thousands of other products at Sneaky Pete Mafia’s storefront, Pool Pulse.

Below is the Viking product description from the Viking site.