Welcome to Pool! It’s Dying, So Don’t Get Comfortable. ~ Kyle Eberle

“Less than a year into learning pool for the first time, Kyle Eberle, one of my beginning students, has plenty of enthusiasm and more than a few opinions about our sport.” ~ Jacqueline Karol

The sport of pool is fading rapidly.

Pool halls that have stood for decades are vacant or closing. Professional tournaments barely pay out enough for the winners to cover travel expenses. You could make more as a greeter at Walmart than most manufacturers pay out in endorsements. Pool bars with in-house leagues and weekly tournaments struggle to find players and the ones who do show up are frequently putting the last five dollars they have into the league fees envelope.

You know how you can tell a regular at most pool bars? They are the ones who know where the key to the coin-op table is hidden so they don’t have to pay 75 cents for another game. The gravy days following The Color of Money have long since faded and in its place is a professional sport where there is a better than average chance that one of the top players in the country is living out of his car.

The one surplus in pool is how many opinions there are about how to fix it.

Pool isn’t successful because it’s not on TV like golf. Wrong!

Sure. Golf is a $76 billion dollar industry and the TV coverage is a big part of that formula. However, media coverage alone isn’t the key to success. Don’t believe me? Distance running is estimated to take in about 25% of the nearly $300 billion dollar fitness industry and rarely makes national television.