Nine-year-old Parker Jakubczak from West Michigan is tearing up the felt! This young man, who started playing at the ripe old age of seven, has placed in five tournaments since June 21, 2015. That’s only 15 months of playing in tournaments! Did I mention that he was only nine years old?

I had a chance to ask his dad, Dan Jakubczak, a few questions to get to know a little bit more about Parker and how he became such a young “Phenom” – Here’s what he had to say.

 How old was Parker when he began to show an interest in pool?Since he was 7. He liked to bang balls around on our table at home. However, I didn’t start teaching him the game until he was tall enough to keep his elbow up above his cue. After that he started to learn the game very quickly and had a good eye for shots.Dan, while researching your Facebook page, it appears you are an experienced player. Can you tell me how you feel your love for the game has influenced Parker and has helped develop his game to this point? I played since I was about ten years old and loved the game and played some leagues for a few years before leagues were mainstream. However, I left the sport for about 18 years. I now own a North American Poolshooters Association League ‘West Michigan NAPA LLC’ with my friend Mike Vlasman. We first started by creating an Adult/Junior team Sunday League in March, 2015. Almost every team had one junior player. Then Parker started playing APA Juniors. We also started our own Junior-only NAPA league with eight players and now have progressed to 20.How did Parker get involved with the BEF and other junior events? With West Michigan NAPA Juniors league growing, I started a Juniors Billiard Club in September, 2015 called ‘The KREWE’ giving the juniors some tournament experience. The group is backed and run by West Michigan NAPA LLC with some help from volunteers Kelly Hildebrand and Karen Busbee; however, any junior from any league is welcome to travel and compete with us. We currently don’t have a membership fee but we do require the purchase of a team jersey for $35. I originally funded most of the gas and the van rental, but now we are raising funds with cue raffles and KREWE Open Junior Tournaments. We are currently looking for more sponsors to assist with expenses and promotions.https://www.facebook.com/The-KREWE-1184205921642794/?fref=tsOur first trip was to Rothschild, WI for the Badger State Gam