What Would a Sucker Do? ~ Jacqueline Karol. {Part 3}

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

If you look around the room and don’t see any suckers…you are the sucker!

You have stripes here. You are now on the 8-ball. Your opponent has 2 solids left. What do you do?

Jackie Karol Diagrams

“Kick at the 8-ball to make a legal hit!”

“Massé around the solid!”

“Kick at it with lots of speed and try to bank it across the table!”


Here’s a situation where taking an intentional foul will stack the odds in your favor, whereas doing the “right thing” and attempting a legal hit on the 8-ball is suicide. In this case, if you try to hit the 8-ball, you will likely solve your opponent’s problem by breaking the solid ball and 8-ball cluster and giving them an easy run out.

Therefore, there is no payoff in making a legal hit on the 8-ball.

Instead, make an illegal hit and pocket their solid ball in