Why do We Love Pool? ~ Brian Gibbs

Pool players, we’re an eccentric bunch of characters aren’t we?

Why is that? Why do we get so excited—so enthralled with a game—that for others can be about as boring as watching paint dry? What is it about this sport that causes us to get all giddy and excited over a big match or a new cue?

Of all the questions we are asked as pool players, this one in particular is not only the most frequent but probably the easiest and yet the hardest question to answer.

So, here it is.

Why do we love pool?

Some may answer this question quickly with little to no thought while others may take their time and actually attempt to give the inquisitor an educated answer that could bring another person into the folds of the billiards enthusiast group. Personally, I like to think about why I love the game so much and what drives me to feed these baser instincts of competition. I like to think about what drives myself to get better at a sport that most of main stream media (and hence the world) has all but forgotten.

Humans as a species are highly competitive by nature. No matter what we do, we generally strive to be the best we can be or will try no matter what to be better than we were yesterday. Whether in a competition or just within ourselves, we all strive to push ourselves past the envelope of mediocrity and into the realm of greatness. I am by no means a world champion or even a great player, but that one primal instinct of wanting to be better than I was yesterday, is a huge driving force in why I do what I do.

Now this philosophy can pertain to anything and everything we do in life, which is another aspect of pool I love so much. The game of pool has no exclusions really. There isn’t anybody out there that can’t come and play the game, whether you want to be the next Efren or Earl, or just want to have a night out with your friends.

The game of pool sees no color, has no religious affiliations, has no gender code, no monetary requirement (besides table time etc). We don’t have to be rich, drive the nicest car, have the nicest clothes, cues or equipment.

All that is required of us is to show up and play. There it is: the one and only stipulation to playing pool (as I see it).

Have fun.

So, now we move on to some of the other possibly less important, but equally fascinating aspects of the game.